Last of the Buffalo

Ohhhh such a sorry scene … Reprehensible that the only option was to gun them down… I know it’s prolly not an option , tranquilizers , or corralling,. But why were they able to escape in the first place…. Sad

Cave of Fame


The last great buffalo herd was shot in 1898 yesterday.

I saw it on the news before I went to work – 15 bison running next to the highway in frantic formation.

A taste of what we lost.

I know this is a small drop in the bucket of what these beasts once meant.

They were once free to roam and they were legion.

And now we got a few “escaped convicts” from a local meat farm answering to their instincts and on the run.

They swam across the Hudson River. They ran across interstate highways.

They moved as one – the adults and the young – these tremendous artifacts of a bygone era.

I have to admit when I saw them running – it made me feel good.

This is what they are supposed to do – run from place to place – they live in a big country…

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Armenian Genocide   

   The anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is remembered as April 25,1915 … This year marking 100 years. The Pope has chosen to speak out and remember the Metz Yeghern or Great Crime . My grandparents both survived…. But at much loss. They were not married to each other but to others at the time…. My grandfather  Zadik Krikorians family was all massacred and he was conscripted into the Turkish army , he escaped in 1920 coming to America where he worked in the coal mines of West Virginia.  My grandmother , Virgin Tahrmidjian, was driven on the womans death match into the Syrian desert. Her family was also massacred. The women and children were starved , beaten and brutalized including the horrific rape and murder of her little girls. She herself was raped and left for dead with a fractured skull in the Syrian desert . Some how,unknown to me , she survived and came to America …. I do know the Haroutunian and Ansourian families aided in her rescue. Here in America she married Zadik and they had Three sons , Ara (Robert) my father, Rueben and Joseph. The world is mostly unfamiliar with the Armenian Genocide…. But more countries are recognizing it. The Turkish Government wishes to deny it but hopefully will come to realize such Atrocity must never be forgotten. It is painful for me to hear these denials and I beseech the world to #RecocnizeArmenianGenocide . Please check out the link above and @the100LIVES 

What to Blog 2

Here I am again with no idea whatsoever what to blog about …I am going to take a friends advice and just write until I find my voice …. I am interested in so many things… I always say there is no subject that doesn’t pique my interest …. So hopefully that will help me find something of interest to say….I love books, music, science, the universe and everything in it, I love archaeology, paleontology, and everything Paleolithic and Neolithic… I love numbers and language and art !!! Albert Einstein said “all religions, arts. And sciences are branches of the same tree”…. He also said “the greatest sign of genius is not knowledge but is imagination”! He spent hours on his thought experiments and that’s where he came up with his theory of relativity… And right now as I blog the scientists of Quantum Mechanics are doing experiments which may prove zm exception to his E=mc2 … He would love that …go forward … Beyond the next wall… Like Lucretius arrow… Also very interested in the works of al-jazari, the book of knowledge of ingenious mechanical devices…. Heron of Alexandria and his inventions gets my interest also, he invented the first ever vending machine, it dispensed holy water for a coin in temples. Any way I will just continue to let my words wander until I figure out what it is I want to say !!!! 


        Easter with my family …   

 Church at St Mary’s in Ballston Spa  

       My daughters and Grandaughter in their Easter dresses !!!

     My Grandsons and the man !!!   

          Brunch at Max Londons in Saratoga !!! Such a great day …, family , food, laughter … That’s what life’s about !!!

5 play – for an Irish Spring on a Good Friday

Cave of Fame

When you marry into an Irish family – they take you whole heartily without asking for references or identification.

I am forever grateful for that.

So by way of my wonderful wife – we have some music on the cave

Can I still do a nice music blog?   We shall find out together.  

Fisherman’s Blues – The Waterboys

Inspired partly by Geoff and his excellent site @ who mentioned this album in cassette form (which is how, I too, met the Waterboys … and played them over and over in my beat-up chevette).  I loved that car and I love that tape!

Fisherman’s Blues is like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day-and I don’t mean no frou-frou fancy-ass hipster organic fair trade flavored tea —-I mean TEA—-Boiling water from the kettle poured in a pot (you don’t have to pre-warm it) —- enough…

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Spring Mud

    The dogs are all getting their mud on … It’s finally warming up and all the snow and ice is melting ! The dogs are super happy to be using their sniffers again !!! I don’t care if they get dirty… Let them have fun…. That’s what baths are for !!! The long-hair German Shepard is the senior dog at 13…his name is Loki, next is ShihTzu Lola at 11,  then 9 year old TicTac the Chihauhau, next you have the two ShihChi Coco the little brown one at 6  and last but not least the little white and brown ShihChi Champ at 5 !!  Quite a crew !!!                                           Coming up on Easter weekend . Happy Easter to all !!!

What to blog

came here by accident…I was trying to find the blog of a friend… Which I did, but somehow I ended up starting my own blog. Have never read a blog before or written a blog before. New territory… Using an iPhone … Lol can’t even figure out how to get my pic in the me icon…. However I am a strong believer in  “meant to be” , so here I am and here I blog ! Wayne follow me !!!